Doctor speaking with a patient
Doctor speaking with a patient

Talk To Your Doctor

Honesty is the best policy.

Be organized. Doctors are often very busy, so having your medical history, medications, treatments tried, and goals organized and written out can be helpful in allowing you to address all your psoriasis-related concerns.

Begin by letting your doctor know exactly how you feel about yourself and your skin.

Discuss how you are doing with your current treatment, as well as your expectations.

If you are interested in knowing about other treatment options that are available, and that may help you achieve better results, be confident in raising the topic for discussion.

Describe what you are hoping to achieve and ensure that your expectations can be met.

Let your doctor know your preferences. For instance, let them know if you prefer to start with topical treatments as opposed to systemic treatments, or if you prefer a lotion to a cream, or prefer an ointment over a gel, or want to avoid something fragranced (e.g. coal tar) or if you’ve had previous experience with psoriasis topical therapies.