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Whether you have just been diagnosed with psoriasis, you‘ve been living with it for a while, or have a loved one suffering from this condition, the good news is that in Canada we have access to many treatments authorized for sale by Health Canada for psoriasis. Along with medications, we also benefit from knowledgeable, experienced healthcare professionals, active patient organizations and educational resources, all aimed at helping you, or someone in your life, live better.

This website is intended to help you or someone you care for, by providing information, tips, and tools to educate and encourage meaningful discussions with your healthcare professional. It’s all so that you can LIVEBETTERWITHPSORIASIS. The PSO in PSORIASIS (pronounced “so – rye- a – sis) is a common acronym for a condition that can have a big impact on your life and even those around you. PSO check out this website, take the short quiz and speak with your doctor PSO you can be at your best. 

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Take this short quiz to see if it’s time to talk to your doctor about your psoriasis treatment. Remember, it is OK to want to do better, feel better and live better. If you know or are caring for someone who has psoriasis, you may decide to share this quiz with them. The quiz is intended as a tool to help people with psoriasis start a conversation with their doctor. The answers can be printed out and brought to the next medical appointment.

Survey Question our AnswerY
When it comes to my psoriasis treatment, I wish I could see better results
I avoid some activities and types of clothing because of my psoriasis
I don’t understand the differences between the psoriasis treatments that are available in Canada
I would like to know if it’s possible for me to have clearer skin
I am not sure how to tell my doctor how I feel about my psoriasis
I would like to discuss treatment options with my doctor